Post-Concussion Therapy

Osteopathic therapy can help with those recovering from a concussion. Because osteopathic therapy focuses on removing any obstruction that impedes the circulation of fluids within the body, this can be applied to the head and corresponding systems after a concussion. Trauma to the head can cause the sutures (joints between the bones) of the skull to be compressed or compacted. This prevents the movement of expansion and retraction that the brain and the skull need to do naturally. Nerves and blood flow can also be impeded as well. The membranous system that protects the brain and spinal cord can also be effected by a concussion either from the trauma or from a protective mechanism to maintain functions post concussion.

With a craniosacral and manual therapy approach, the osteopathic practitioner looks to restore the structures and the membranes to allow better fluid and neurological functions.

If you have experienced a concussion, your osteopathic therapist may be able to help you heal. Allow 4 weeks or so after injury for some natural healing to occur first, as some symptoms may subside naturally. If symptoms persist beyond 4 weeks, it is a safe time to book an appointment with Halyna.

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