Tailbone Pain

Does your tailbone hurt? If your answer is yes, we can help you! The tailbone is called the coccyx (pronounced "kaak· suhks") and pain in this region is termed coccydynia. Most people complain of pain in this area with prolonged sitting. There are many possible reasons for this but the most common reason is some sort of trauma, such as a fall, or childbirth.

Anatomy of the tailbone (coccyx) in relation to lower back and pelvic region.

The coccyx is an important bone that is a central connection point for muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It also acts as an anchor and weight bearing structure along with the pelvis to support you in the sitting position. Because of this, tight muscles in this region (eg, the hip, the low back, and the pelvic floor) can cause tension and/or poor alignment in this region, which then causes pain.

Attached to the coccyx are larger global muscles. These muscles may impact its position as well as cause tension/tightness in the surrounding area. Specially trained physiotherapists can assess this area to correct any malalignment from trauma or poor posture. Assessment would also include examining the integrity of related muscles (i.e., pelvic floor, low back, and hip region.) Tight muscles, instability, partial range of motion, and compensating all play into why you might be experiencing tailbone pain.

At Beacon Therapy, Marie-Josée and Karen make a great team in the treatment of tailbone pain. Since their emphases are complementary, our patients see good results.

To start your treatment, book a Comprehensive Back/Pelvic Exam with Real-Time Ultrasound with Karen Chow or Marie-Josée Ryan.

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