What to Expect with Halyna

*In order to best treat her current case load, Halyna is limiting the number of new patients. Please choose an initial appointment treatment option to see the available times. These will vary from the subsequent appointments - this is to ensure Halyna can have the time to follow through with treatment plans for her current case load.* 

Effective March 1, 2023, the cost per visit for Halyna will be $140. 

Halyna works with both women and men and her treatment includes manual therapy and osteopathic approaches within the scope of massage therapy. Some of the main types of osteopathic influence include osteo-articular mobilizations, cranial-sacral work and fascial release, particularly in treating concussions. Other treatments may include working with the viscera (the guts!) in order to help the musculoskeletal system through manual therapy, as well as post-surgical and scar tissue treatment.

Your First Visit

When you book your initial visit, you will be emailed a link to complete our intake form. Please fill it in prior to coming in. This will give Halyna prior knowledge of the matter at hand, as well as a full health history that allows her to know what modifications might be needed, or if this treatment is right for you.

What to wear: 

Please come in or bring active wear to change into. 

Ladies: wear clothes you can move in - sports bra, activewear are best. Try to avoid wearing skirts, dresses, or jeans.

Men: Pair of shorts and T-shirt is best.

Assessment and treatment will be done with the patient clothed as such. Jeans, thick clothing makes things too difficult! Dresses leave a lot of room for over-exposure.

Osteopathic Assessment: 

1) Interview of the patient - we will go over the health history form and touch on the pertinent parts.

2) Performing a complete osteopathic assessment - Some testing will be done in standing, seated, or lying down.

3) Assessing the position, mobility, and quality of certain tissues, fluids, and rhythms of the body.

Treatment will follow within the remainder of the time. This includes manual therapy to help release fascial tightness, structural adjustments, cranial-sacral applications, and/or visceral manipulation.

Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits should be booked at least a week after the previous visit, to allow your body to integrate the changes from the treatment. Typical frequency of treatments are about 2-3 weeks apart. 

Continue to bring your active wear. A more streamlined assessment will be still made followed by treatment.

Booking Your Appointments

All of our bookings are done online. For instructions about how to make an appointment, visit our FAQ page or click here. Remember, you can add yourself to the wait list should you not find an appointment time that suits you and we will contact you if slots open up.

A Note About Billing

When you book online with Halyna, you will have the choice to book under "Manual Therapy with Osteopathic Approach" (billable as RMT) or "Osteopathic Manual Therapy" (billable as DO(MP)). This distinction is for clients who intend to submit their receipts to their health benefits insurance coverage. Clients who do not intend to use insurance coverage can book under either option. For full details, see our Rates and Insurance page.

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