Our Clinic

At Beacon Therapy, we work as a complementary, multi-disciplinary team to provide manual therapy treatment to treat the body as a whole. We use our different trainings to help the patient in uniquely distinct ways, based on what the underlying causes may be for the symptoms being exhibited.

Lois and Halyna joined forces as a team in 2018 to help clients alleviate pain and restore the body to its optimal health. As a pelvic floor physiotherapist, Lois specializes in treating internal pelvic floor muscles, using Real-Time Ultrasound technology along with myofascial release and physiotherapy techniques. As a Registered Massage Therapist and Osteopathic Practitioner, Halyna focuses on releasing and restoring strength to the network of muscles and neurovascular components that are connected to and support the pelvic floor.

Joining the team in 2019, Karen offers physiotherapy for conditions of an orthopedic nature, sports injuries, and myofascial conditions (i.e., patients with long standing musculoskeletal pain originating from the spine). She filled in a key missing piece that Lois and Halyna were not able to provide! Karen may include postural and RTUS assessments, and treatments may include manual and manipulative therapy, soft tissue techniques, modalities, IMS and exercises.

Karen is also able to provide treatments for ICBC rehabilitation and Ergonomic Assessments for a work station.
In 2022, Marie-Josée Ryan joined the team to provide a focus around perinatal and maternal health. She provides physiotherapy treatments for pelvic floor, as well as orthopedic physiotherapy options that could help with breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and return to work or sport postpartum. 

We seek to provide professional service with a personal touch. Our clinic is designed with your comfort and ease in mind and we pride ourselves in being able to offer highly individualized care and attention. Located in Pitt Meadows, we are a short drive from the Tri-Cities, Surrey, Langley and surrounding areas.

Our well-rounded team is looking forward to being able to help you on your rehabilitative journey. Check out our services to see how we may be able to help you toward optimal health!

  • The Beacon Therapy clinic is in the same building as the Pharmasave

  • Clinic-3

    Wheelchair or stroller access is through laneway beside the building, to a door in the back.

  • Clinic-4

    Beacon Therapy is Unit 1 in the building

  • Clinic-5

    When you arrive, please take a seat in the waiting room and Lois or Halyna will come out to see you

  • Clinic-6

    Halyna's treatment room

  • Clinic-7

    Lois' treatment room

Address: 1 - 19126 Ford Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC

Email: info@beacontherapy.ca