Low Back Pain

Research confirms that there are changes in the function of the muscles that protect our spine when we have back pain. Several studies have shown that when pain is induced into the spine, not only the deep back muscles stop working but also the deep abdominal muscle (Transversus Abdominis) on the same side. When these deep stabilizers are not working, other muscles that are not designed to perform the sustained contractions needed for stability, try to help out. For instance, when the abdominal obliques take on a stability role, this can lead to an increase in pressure inside the abdomen. This pressure can push down on the pelvic floor muscles weakening them. These changes can become habitual, putting our backs at risk for ongoing or recurrent pain and injury.

To fix this, a full assessment including Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging, can help pinpoint the muscles that are failing to protect the spine. An individualized treatment program to address these changes can be implemented that will enable your safe and pain-free return to daily activities and sports.

To start treatment, book a Comprehensive Back and Pelvic Exam with Real-Time Ultrasound with one of our physiotherapist, Karen Chow or Marie-Josée Ryan.

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