Pelvic Pain

Tailbone pain or coccydynia, can interfere with your ability to sit and lie down. Strains in the joint where the coccyx joins the sacrum can cause problems in pelvic floor muscle function as well as pain in the joint. SI joint dysfunction can cause pain in the posterior pelvis, the pelvic bones can become misaligned and the latest research shows that this can cause inhibition of the pelvic floor muscles.

Karen or Marie-Josée can perform a full pelvic assessment including Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging of the abdominal and pelvic muscles can help to identify the cause of these issues. An individualized treatment program will help you to return to daily activities and sports.

To get treatment started, book a Comprehensive Back/Pelvic Exam with Real-Time Ultrasound with our physiotherapists, Karen Chow or Marie-Josée Ryan.

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