New Mothers Assessment

Pregnancy and child-birth change a woman's body. Because the pelvic floor muscles work so closely with the abdominal muscles, and the abdominal muscles are stretched during pregnancy, dysfunction in one muscle group can lead to dysfunction in the other. Delivering a baby vaginally greatly impacts the pelvic floor. C-section surgery interrupts the abdominal myofascial ring and this leads to avoidance of contracting the abdominal muscles due to pain. This pattern of movement may not return to normal once the pain has resolved.

Incontinence, frequent urination, low back pain, groin or pubic pain, and weak core muscles are all common complaints after giving birth. Using Real-Time Ultrasound technology and internal pelvic examination, Lois can accurately assess what is happening and work with you to return your body to its full strength and function.

It is strongly recommended that all post partum women should be checked for abdominal and pelvic floor muscle function prior to returning to sport or exercise. It is also recommended that new moms be assessed for abdominal and pelvic floor issues around the 8 week post-partum mark. This allows natural healing to occur.

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